5000 Series Gauss/Tesla-Meters
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Hand Held Hall Effect Gauss/Tesla-Meters

The 5000 Series hall effect portable Gauss/Tesla-Meters represent the latest design from the world leader in magnetic measuring equipment.  F.W. Bell's exclusive Dynamic probe Correction allows measurements from 0 to 30 kG with a basic accuracy of 1%.  Key features include Auto Zero, Min/Max./Peak Hold, Auto Range and Relative Mode.  All models allow the user to select Gauss or Tesla readings.  The Model 5080 also has a selection for readings in Ampere/Meters and features a corrected analog output (+ 3 V F.S.) and an RS-232 communications port.

The 5000 Series Hand-Held Gauss/Tesla-Meters' built-in software eliminates the need for complex calibration procedures. User prompts on the custom formatted LCD allow fast, simple push button operation. All models come equipped with a detachable transverse probe, zero gauss chamber, instruction manual, hard carrying case and two 9 volt batteries. Axial and other style probes are available as options.

Applications for the 5000 Series range from the most sensitive laboratory environment to the most rugged industrial setting. All instruments are CE compliant. 

Detailed Information & Product Specifications - A brief overview of the performance of the instrument.

Instrument Accessories
5000 Series Probes - A complete line of precision probes, with enhanced performance on the 5000 series instrument.
Reference Magnets - Used to verify the calibration of a gauss/tesla-meter.