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The UNIVERTER™ Series Converters are power factor corrected AC-to-DC converters. They are designed to provide power systems with the power factor correction necessary to meet the low harmonic distortion requirements of IEC 1000-3-2. The PFC-600 accepts a universal AC input from 85-265 VAC and provides up to 600W at 380 VDC. The PFC-1000 accepts an AC input from 170-265 VAC and provides up to 1000W at 380 VDC. Both PFC models use a boost converter topology and incorporate a solid state series switch for active inrush and short circuit current limiting. The UNIVERTER™ Series meets the safety requirements of UL1950, CSA22.22-234-M90, and EN60950.


  •  Up to 1000 Watts Output Power
  •  Universal Input (PFC-600)
  •  Near Unity Power Factor
  •  High Efficiency
  •  Active Inrush Limiting and Short Circuit Protection
  •  Very Low Harmonic Distortion
  •  Auxiliary Supply
  •  Power Fail Warning Via DC OK Signal
  •  Load Enable Signal to Control MicroVerter¨ DC-DC Converters
  •  Very Low Thermal Resistance
  •  Superior Thermal Design, 100¡C Baseplate Rating


Input Voltage Range

PFC-60085-265 VAC

PFC-1000170-265 VAC
Output Power

PFC-600600 Wsee Notes below

PFC-10001000 Wsee Notes below
Output Voltage380 VDC
Auxilliary Supply14 V, 0-10 mA

PFC-60090%/94%120/240 VAC input

PFC-100094%240 VAC input









  1. The output power of the PFC-600 must be derated linearly below 105 VAC from 600W at 105 VAC to 400W at 85 VAC.
  2. The output power of the PFC-1000 must be derated linearly below 205 VAC from 1000W at 205 VAC to 750W at 170 VAC.