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SuperVerterThe SUPERVERTER Dual DC-DC converter is a high density, dual output module packaged in the industry standard Ňhalf brickÓ size. Its state-of-the-art topology provides independent regulation of each output; which minimizes ground loops, improves static and dynamic cross-regulation, and allows an optional isolated output version to be offered. The moduleŐs high efficiency allows both outputs to be simultaneously operated at rated current, and the switching of the primary and both secondary power stages is synchronized to minimize noise at low ŇbeatÓ frequencies. All of this power and functionality is squeezed into a tiny, open-frame package (just 2.28 x 2.4 x 0.5 inches) with an industry standard footprint.


  • Independently Regulated, Dual Outputs (Common Gnd. Standard, Floating Outputs Optional*)
  •  Excellent Dynamic Cross Regulation
  • Auto-Recovery Circuit Protection: OCP, OVP, OTP
  •  -40 to +100ˇC Operation
  •  Constant Frequency
  •  Independent, ±10% Trim for Each Output.
  •  High Power Density: 40 W/cu. in.
  •  Low Noise
  •  Open Frame Construction
  •  Safety Agency Compliant
  •  Compatible With Industry Standard, Dual Output, DC-DC Converters


Model Selection   
Model Number Input Voltage Output 1 Output 2
  Voltage Current Voltage Current
SVD-48-0503 36-75Vdc 5Vdc 12A 3.3Vdc 15A
SVD-48-3318 36-75Vdc 3.3Vdc 15A 1.8Vdc 20A
SVD-48-3325 36-75Vdc 3.3Vdc 15A 2.5Vdc 20A
Positive logic On/Off is standard. For optional* negative logic add ř1 suffix to the model number.
*Minimum quantity and lead-time restrictions apply.