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The PicoVerter Series of high density DC-to-DC converters are designed for use in cellular telephone, telecom, AC-DC power systems, and other distributed power applications. This series uses metal PC boards, planar transformers, and surface mount construction to produce up to 60 Watts in a very tiny package. The PicoVerter Series is currently available for 48V nominal input systems with a 300V input series planned for the near future.



  • Miniature Size - Low Profile .42"
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Cost
  • Industry Standard Pin-out
  • Low Thermal Resistance
  • 100 C Baseplate Rating
  • Constant Frequency Operation

Model selection:

Output Voltage
Output Current
 pVxxx-5 5V10A


  1. The xxx in the above part numbers are replaced with the appropriate code according to the input voltage of the module:
    • 300V input series, xxx = 300
    • 48V input series, xxx = 48