Pricing & AvailabilitySRP-25 SERIES

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  • Universal 85-264 VAC Input
  • High Efficiency
  • Advanced SMT Design
  • Compact 2.25" X 4.00" X .96" Size
  • Class B Emissions Per EN 55022/11
  • EMC to EN 61000-6-2 & EN 60601-1-2
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Fits 1U Application
  • EN 60950 ITE Certification
  • EN 60601-1 Medical Certification
  • Optional Chasis & Cover

Total Output Power25 W (20W, 1001)
Output Voltage CenteringOutput 1: +/-0.25%
Output 2: +/-5.00%
Output 3: +/-2.00%
(All outputs at 50% rated load)
Source RegulationOutputs 1-3: 0.5%
Load RegulationOutputs 1: 0.5% (0-100% Load Change)
Output 2: 5.0% (10-100% Load Change)
Output 3: 1.0% (0-100% Load Change)
Output 2:(2003) 6.0% (30-100% Load Change)
Cross RegulationOutput 2: 5.0%
Output 3: 2%
(Output 1 load varied 50-100%)
Output Voltage Adjust Output 1: 95% to 105%
Output NoiseOutputs 1-3: 1%
Turn On OvershootNone
Transient ResponseOutputs 1-3
Volt. Deviation 5%
Recovery Time 1 mS
Load Change 50% To 100%
Output Overvoltage Protection (Optional)Output 1: 110% to 150%
Output Overpower ProtectionOutput 1&2  110% Min.
Outputs cycle on/off, auto recovery
Output Overcurrent ProtectionOutput 3      110% Min.
Hold Up Time10 mS Min, 25 W Output
120 V Input
Start Up Time1 Second
Source Voltage85-264 Voltage AC
Frequency Range47-63 Hz
Source Current 
True RMS8A At 85V Input
Peak Inrush30A
Efficiency.66 -.72 (Varies by model)
Ambient Operating Temperature Range0oC to +70oC Derating: See Power Rating Chart
Ambient Storage Temperature Range-40oC to +85oC
Temperature CoefficientOutputs 1-3: 0.02%/oC

General Protection Class:


Overvoltage Category:


Pollution Degree:


File E137708
UL 60950, Third Edition
UL 2601 - 1 Second Edition
CB Report Per IEC 950 (1991)
Second Edition A1, A2, A3, A4
All EN 60950 Deviations
CB Report Per IEC 601-1-1988
First Edition, A1, A2
UL Recognition Mark for Canada
File E137708
CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 950-M95
CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 601-M90
TUVEN 60950/A11:1997
EN 60601-1/A2: 1995
 Low Voltage Directive 
Dielectric Strength 
Reinforced Insulation5656 VDC, Primary to Secondary, 1 Sec.
Basic Insulation2121 VDC, Primary to Ground, 1 Sec.

Operational Insulation

707 VDC, Secondary to Ground, 1 Sec.
Leakage Current<300 A Earth Leakage Current
Mean Time Between Failures100,000 Hours min., MIL-HDBK-217F, 25oC, GB
Weight0.62 Lbs.  Chassis and Cover
0.30 Lbs.  Open Frame


Electrostatic DischargeEN 61000-4-2+/-8kV Contact Discharge
+/-8kVAir Discharge
Radiated Electro-magnetic Field EN 61000-4-380MHz-2.5GHz, 10V/m, 80% AM
EFT/BurstsEN 61000-4-4+/-2kV
SurgesEN 61000-4-5+/-1 kV Differential Mode
+/-2 kV Common Mode
Conducted ImmunityEN 61000-4-6.15-80MHz., 10V, 80% AM
Voltage Dips and IntuptionsEN 61000-4-1130% Reduction
95% Reduction
60% Reduction
95% Reduction
Radiated EmissionsEN 55011/22Class B
Conducted EmissionsEN 55011/22Class B
Consult factory for alternate output configuration.
Consult factory for positive, negative or floating output 2 or 3.
Refer to Application Information for complete output power ratings.

All specifications are maximum at 25C unless otherwise stated and are subjected to change without notice.
Specify optional chassis nad cover when ordering.
ModelOutput 1Output 2Output 3




  1. Each output can deliver its rated current but total output power must not exceed
    25 watts. 
  2. Semiconductor case temperature must not exceed 110 oC
  3. Sufficient area must be provided around convection cooled power supplies to allow natural movement of air develop.
  4. This product is intended for use as a professionally installed component within information technology and medical equipment.
  5. A minimum load of 10% is required on output one to insure proper regulation of
    remaining outputs.
  6. Peak to peak output ripple and noise is measured directly at the output
    terminals of the power supply, without the use of the probe ground lead or retractable tip, 20 MHz bandwidth.
  7. This product is use only one fuse in the input circuit. In consideration of clause 57.6 of UL 2601-1, a second fuse may be required in the end product.
  8. This product was type tested and safety certificated using the the dielectric strength test voltages listed in Table V of UL 60601-1. In consideration of clause 20.4g, care must be taken to insure the voltage applied to a reinforced insulation does not over stress basic insulation. Secondary to ground capacitors may need to be removed prior to performing a dielectric strength type test on the end product. It is highly recommended that the DC test voltages listed in DVB.1. Annex DVB are not exceeded during a production-line dielectric strength test of the assembled end product. Please consult factory for further information.
  9. This power supply has been safety approved and final tested using a DC
    dielectric strength test. Please consult factory before performing AC dielectric strength test.
  1. Maximum screw penetration into bottom chassis mounting holes is .100 inches.
  2.  Maximum screw penetration into side chassis mounting holes is .250 inches.
  3. To meet emissions specifications, all four mounting hole ground pads must
    be electrically connected. Use metal standoffs attached to a common metal chassis or base plate.

 Maximum Output Power vs. Ambient Temperature

P1AC Input.156 friction lock header mates with Molex 09-50-3031 or equivalent crimp terminal housing with Molex 08-50-0189 or equivalent crimp terminal.
P2DC Output.156 friction lock header mates with Molex 09-50-3061 or equivalent crimp terminal housing with Molex 08-50-0189 or equivalent crimp terminal.
GGround.187 quick disconnect terminal.
  1. Optimum
  2. Good
  3. Fair