October 2007

TECOM Announces High Performance Dual Patch Antenna (HPDPA) Volume Shipments


TECOM Industries, Inc. announces the release of a new series of High Performance Dual Patch Antennas (HPDPA) for Asset Tracking /SATCOM applications. The antenna covers the 1610 1626.5 MHz transmit and 2483.5 2500 MHz receive frequency bands and utilizes a proprietary design technique to obtain high isolation between bands. The antenna size is 3.5 inches in diameter and a very low profile of 1.5 inches in height. The HPDPA is designed in a weatherproof enclosure for land mobil or fixed use. The design is configurable with straight SMA connectors or with cable terminated with SMA connectors (2 each) in a direct mount or magnetic mount base. The (HPDPA) series of antennas can be configured to embed active receive and transmit circuitry without changing the total dimension of the antenna. The antenna has hemispherical gain coverage and an axial ratio better then 3 dB in the coverage range. The antenna has excellent low-angle performance close to the horizon, which allows for best in class connectivity to satellites.


January 2007

Sempac appoints Norgay Enterprises as exclusive manufacturers representative for Canada.  For more info:

Contact Norgay: 800-280-2839


December 2006

Norgay Represents MFC.

Microwave Filter Company (MFC) appoints Norgay as exclusive manufacturers representative for Canada. Microwave Filter Company is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of high quality passive electronic filter products in the 5 Hz to 50 GHz frequency spectrum.